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Kikuyu Grass


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Kikuyu is a hard wearing lawn that grows into a dense carpet and quickly spreads, Kikuyu is the most common form of lawn which is also more affordable. It is a light green creeping lawn with a thin blade and it spreads long runners across the ground aiding it in repairing damaged areas quickly. It requires full sun and is not suitable for shady areas. It thrives in most soils but grows best in sandy lime clay soil. It is faster growing and can take more traffic than any other lawn. Remember that only 30 – 40 (1/3) percent of your leaf must be removed as cutting too low will damage your lawn. Kikuyu is a low disease lawn and is susceptible to cold temperatures but can recover quickly from moderate wear or severe injury. In protected areas (no frost) it has the ability to stay green all year round and will hold colour well in most conditions. It is suitable for children and pets because of its soft texture and fast-growing nature.



forms a thick mat ( dense carpet)

Hard wearing

Low maintenance


Responds well to nitrogen-based fertilizers

Relatively cold tolerant



sports and playing fields

Parks and office gardens

Home gardens


LM Berea Grass


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LM Berea has a reputation for the highest shade tolerance out of all the species. LM Berea likes the leaf to have some length and this lawn is great for semi-shaded areas and around pools as it has a very soft spongy appeal.

LM Berea has a very soft blade and is a lighter shade of green than most lawns. LM Berea has a medium traffic tolerance and like buffalo should never be mowed too short. LM Berea and Buffalo have the same root system.

As it is also a creeper it can be combined with a grass such as Kikuyu to fill in the shady areas. LM Berea is also a fast grower and although it slows down in winter it will still grow in this season.

LM Berea is a medium textured broad-leafed grass with good heat and fair drought tolerance

LM grass is indigenous to South Africa. Found predominantly on the Natal coast and Mozambique. It is a stoloniferous perennial which forms a dense sward. It performs very well in shady and semi-shade conditions. LM grass also performs well in full sun. This grass has a creeping growth habit but is far less invasive than Kikuyu.LM grass is relatively heated tolerant and can recover from drought and heat stress by means of its creeping growth habit.LM grass is well suited to home lawns, office parks, rough areas on golf courses and shade areas. It should not be mown shorter than 30mm in full sun and 50mm in full shade. In frosty areas, the grass should not be mown during winter. It avoids cold damage by exposing the upper leave growth to frost

LM can be grown together with Kikuyu to cover the shade areas and highly unnoticeable once fully established.



copes in heavy shade and does well in all light conditions

Fast growing

Low maintenance

Drought and heat hardy- requires little water.

Adaptable to a wide vary of soil conditions.



Home gardens

Shady areas

Can be grown countrywide

We pay extreme attention to details.

We leave your area postcard ready and customer satisfaction is our priority.


Turf Grass Instant Lawn is your one stop shop supplying turf and lawn care products to home owners & gardeners, landscapers, golf courses, racetracks and sports fields.

We offer lawn varieties to suit everything from residential homes to larger commercial and industrial sites.

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